The more I take your classes, the more I value your sense of just what yoga is and how it brings us closer to our true selves. You are a wonderful teacher, such a natural with lots of integrity.
— Trish
Your calming presence, advice and reassurance meant so much to me. The classes came to be about so much more than just doing yoga. For that, I am forever grateful.
— Melissa
You created such a welcoming space for Aaron and I to come and practice yoga together. Not only did we meet wonderful people and create lasting friendships with other mommies, we both benefited from the post-natal movements and breathing techniques. Aaron had fun and I was able to transition my post-baby body into a safe and beneficial exercise routine.
— Carolyn
I want to thank you for your yoga class and the many ways it helped prepare me for birth. I appreciated your thoughtfulness and helpfulness every step of the way, and I’ll never forget how much you and your class influenced me.
— Liz
The more studios I visit and the more teachers I practice with, the more I realize how special you are. The teachers were sweet and had some good flows, but the practice lacked the safe-risk-taking and intelligence that yours has in abundance... I’ve been honored to practice with you these last 5 years and learn from your many gifts. Your love and respect of yoga and “the body” has been translated to me. With great respect and love.
— Meagan
Denise’s prenatal yoga gave us all opportunity to slow down and focus inward - embrace our pregnancies, bond with our bodies, and appreciate this sacred time in our lives. We also performed exercises to gain strength in the birthing process. We made connections with other pregnant women, having playdates months later with our new babies, and we all still get together today, almost 7 years later.
— Wendy
I have had the good fortune to have practiced yoga for the last five years with Denise Friedson and I credit her with helping me to build a sustaining and evolutionary practice. Her classes allowed me to practice at my own level while maintaining the goals of finding inner peace and strength as well as physical challenge.

Practicing with Denise through both my pregnancies has been nothing short of a gift; it is such a wonderful way to stay grounded and strong and open through an incredibly transformative time. Similarly practicing after my first child was born helped me restore balance during the turbulent early days as a new mom.

Through my current pregnancy, due to injury and high risk - I am again so grateful for Denise’s expertise and in-depth knowledge about prenatal practice. I trust her guidance to meet my ever changing physical and spiritual needs during such a challenging time.
— Sara